Denny Burzynski


BA & MA in Mathematics

California State University, Long Beach
















College of Southern Nevada

Mathematics Department
Professor Emeritus since 2011

Truckee Meadows Community College
Mathematics Department

Adjunct Professor since 2023

West Valley College Mathematics

Saratoga - Silicon Valley, California
Instructor until 2009 when I left to come to Las Vegas

CSN Math Building




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National Science Foundation
Intern Program Director in the
Directorate of Education and Human Resources
Washington, D.C.
Spring 1991

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United States Navy
Mobile Riverine Force
Nha Be, Mekong River, South Vietnam

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I like the thoughts of Morris Kline,

one of the twentieth century’s great mathematicians. In his book, A History of Mathematics in Western Culture, he says that mathematics has been a major cultural force in Western civilization. Almost everyone knows that

mathematics serves the very practical purpose of dictating engineering design.

Fewer people seem to be aware that

mathematics carries the main burden of scientific reasoning and is the core of the major theories of physical science.

It is even less widely known that mathematics has determined the direction and content of much philosophic thought,

has destroyed and rebuilt religious doctrines, has supplied substance to economic and political theories, has fashioned

major painting, musical, architectural, and literary styles, has fathered our logic, and has furnished the best answers

we have to the fundamental questions about the nature of man and his universe.

As the embodiment and most

powerful advocate of the rational spirit, mathematics has invaded domains ruled by authority, custom, and habit, and

has supplanted them as the arbiter of thought and action. Finally, as an incomparably fine human achievement,

mathematics offers satisfactions and aesthetic values at least equal to those offered by any other branches of our culture.



With some of my friends,

I have authored a few mathematics textbooks.


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